Magnetic Locks Surface Mounted

ML1200H Series 1200P Magnetic Locks Surface Mounted

Magnetic lock 1200 LBS

ML1200H Series 1200P Magnetic Locks Surface Mounted

Magnetic Lock 1200 LBS with the door status signal output led indicate and timer,specially used to normal glass door, wooden door,metal door,fire doors,and all kinds of door.Hoisting design,saves time and power when installation.Inward door,frame-less glass door,narrow door all have a complete set of accessories.Special Anti-residual magnetic design makes automatic access control safer.
Hold force 1200 LBS options are in single and double door models.



12V / 24VDC (Selectable)

Current Draw

500mA/12V, 250mA /24V

Holding Force

about 1200 LBS

Built-in voltage spike suppressor

Special Finish

Zinc (on the magnet & armature plate)

With Bi-color LED

Anodized aluminum housing

Adjustable mounting plate for appropriate and easy installation

The length can be added according to customer's request

ML01 ML02 ML1200 Series
ML Series 1200p Magnetic Locks
Magnetic lock 1200 LBS pdf Download Technical Datasheet Magnetic lock 1200 LBS

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