Exit Buttons & Break Glass Emergency Break Glass

Emergency Break Glass Exit Buttons & Break Glass Emergency Break Glass

RD06101 Emergency Door Release

Emergency Break Glass Exit Buttons & Break Glass Emergency Break Glass
 The "Break glass" concept may be preferred over the pull station, because it is less vulnerable to misuse or tamper actuation. The Break Glass Assembly is a preferred alternate to the conventional pull box installation, as accidental activation is all but eliminated as far as false alarms are concerned. Breaking the lens requires more of a commitment on the user's part than merely pulling the handle and leaving the scene.

Emergency Break Glass Switch: RD06101: (Colour: Green) It is a fire emergency exit release with ASB fireproof material for retardant compression. It is very easy to install with NC/NO/COM contact. Suitable for security doors, escape door, security systems.

RD06101: Break Glass - Emergency Door Release -  88H*88W*55D



Red / Green Box Material


Shock-resistant transparent cover


Operating voltage

10A 12/ 24VDC

Output Contact


Operating temp

-10 +55 (14-131F)

Operating Humidity

0-95% (non- condensing)

Panel Material

Fireproof PC material





RD06101 Emergency Door Release pdf Download Technical Datasheet RD06101 Emergency Door Release

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