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RD SERIES (6 to 10 KVA UPS) UPS Systems


RD SERIES (6 to 10 KVA UPS) UPS Systems

Radiant RD series UPS provides premium protection for servers, network equipment and storage with the flexibility of stand-alone unit while still allowing you to seamlessly manage your connected equipment, even in virtualized environment. All RD series models feature a graphical LCD interface that provides clear status of key UPS information.

Best solution for the applications in Enterprise and distributed IT, telecom, retail, banks, IDF, offices, small business, long run-time needs.


       Advanced DSP and 3-level technology

       Output power factor 1.0

       Active power factor correction (APFC), input power factor up to 0.99

       High efficiency 95% (up to 98% in ECO mode)

       Advanced digital parallel technology

       Wide input voltage range (110 ~ 288 Vac) and frequency range (40 ~ 70 Hz)

       Two modes of frequency conversion: 50Hz input/ 60Kz output or 60Hz input/ 50Kz output

       Hot swappable battery

       Flexible battery configuration

       Digital controlled charger

       High charging current available (Max.12A)

       Intelligent battery management, automatic floating / equalizing charge control, charger dormancy control, increasing battery life by 50%.

       Ability to switch on the UPS  with battery.

       Fan speed varies intelligently with temperature, reducing noise and extended its service life

       Equipped with self-aging function.

       LCD+LED display, multi-functional keys operation, friendly human-machine interface

       Powerful background software for parameter configuration

       Effective software and hardware protection function, robust self- diagnostic function and abundant event log. 



 RD9910MXT - 10 KVA UPS

RD SERIES (6 to 10 KVA UPS) pdf Download Technical Datasheet RD SERIES (6 to 10 KVA UPS)

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